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This machine is used for reducing the particle size of different ingredients in feed . It consists of a rotor on which swinging hammers are mounted in different patterns which when rotate at high speed, strike with incoming feed ingredients and break these. Required fineness of final product is obtained by changing the screens of different hole size in grinder.
  Our half screen grinders has following strong points:
Round shaped highly balanced rotor which has minimum vibration.
No leakage of material between screen and body of grinder. provided for removing screen from grinder of it is jammed    due to some accident etc.
Specially designed hinges which do not loose throughout its life.Detachable strip.
Specially designed outlet which ensures free flowing of ground ingredients into bag while bagging.
Renovated inlet hopper design, in which material does not fall down by sides.
Bearing brackets fitted at some distance from body to prevent dust entering the bearings.
Belt safety cover provided.
Technical SpECIFication
Model Capacity / Hr. Maize Grinding Capacity / Hr. Mixed Feed Grinding Capacity / Hr. Millet Grinding Power
Starter Grower Finisher Starter Grower Finisher
150 kgs 300kgs 500kgs 250kgs 500kgs 650kgs  200kgs 3 H.P.
500 kgs 1000kgs 1300kgs 800kgs 1500kgs 2000kgs  500kgs 5 H.P.
1000 kgs 1500kgs 2500kgs 2000kgs 3000kgs 4000kgs  800kgs 10 H.P.
LG-4 1500 kgs 2500kgs 4000kgs 2500kgs 3500kgs 6000kgs  2200kgs 20 H.P.
Line Diagram with dimensions
dimensions of sketch in mm
Model A B C D E Approx.weigth in kg.(without Motor) Volume Seaworthy packing Cu.m.
700 315 775 820 490 75 .5
890 380 1006 1055 560 130 .9
1010 480 1240 1250 675 185 1.5
LG-4 1260 600 1465 1480 900 235 2.5
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