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In 4-6 MT/hr Mash Feed Plant, feed mixer installed at ground floor level and bagging is carried out directly from mixer.
It takes only 4-5 minutes to completely mix the whole batch, but 5-7 minutes is wasted in bagging.

In our 8-10 MT/hr Plant, Feed mixer is installed at 10-11 ft height over steel structure and a surge bin is installed under it. After mixing is complete, mixer is discharged quickly into surge bin and continuous bagging is done manually.
Salient Features
Intake Hopper at 1st Elevator with 150-200 kg Capacity, big size simple or magnetic grill with feeding control gate having manual control through rack-pinion at working height.

Equipped with FSHM-3075 model of full circle hammer mill, that can handle your coarse and Fine Grinding problems, even for a day old chicks with equal ease.
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Hammer mill fitted with rotary vane feeder for uniform and full width feeding of material, for uniform grinding. Feeding is automatically controlled as per load of main motor.

Also equipped with bin over hammer mill as well as mixer with sight glass for observation of filling level.
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Equipped with Z-shaped cascading magnets with self cleaning design, with 99.99% working efficiency. Self cleaning means you haven't to clean the magnets manually; it takes just 10 seconds to completely clean the iron trash with the pulling of handle without use of any tools.
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Equipped with bucket elevators with crowned pulleys for self-centering, heavy gauge buckets, MRF make nylon-rubber belting for long life without elongation, with the option of chain belt drive or directly coupled gear motors.
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Equipped with world advanced Double Ribbon Screw Mixer LHMR-10 with our patent variable cross section ribbon design that can perform accurate mixing in shortest time with minimum power per ton of mixing.
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Equipped with medicine hopper for addition of micro-ingredients directly into mixer.

Equipped with extra hopper between hammer mill and first elevator for feeding non-grindables directly to mixer
Equipped with hopper for direct addition of liquids, oils etc.
Oil / Molasses addition system on level measuring basis.

Equipped with Well Designed, Safe Working
Electrical Panel
Auto batching (Pre-weighing) for proportioning of ingredients.
Electronic Bagging machine can be installed for precise- bagging.
Oil dosing system for one oil or two oil on level measuring or weight measuring basis can be supplied.
All gates can be pneumatically operated.
Layout of Plant
As per the space available, Design/ layout of feed mill, location of doors available etc., the plant is available in three types of Layouts, namely:
Inline Layout | L-Shape-Right | L-Shape-Left
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