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  Basic Process of Auto Batching System

Auto Batching - 15 Silo
Auto Batching\ Proportioning System
For the production of quality feed, it is of utmost importance that all the ingredients and micro ingredients (vitamins, additives and trace elements) are measured in weight with high precision so that the desired percentage of each can be ensured in final feed.

As the no. of ingredients and volume of production increases, it necessitates that the automatic weighing of all the ingredients is carried out.

It generally consists of two set of proportioning bins with individual weighing hopper scale, one for major ingredients and second for micro ingredients. There may be any no. of bin from 2 to 20 for each set with suitable capacity and higher accuracy of weighing is required for micro ingredients. Auto weighing of liquids, fat, and oil can also be incorporated to the mixer.
Proportioning of Feed ingredients (Major Ingredients)
In this all the silos are filled by elevator distribution conveyors, or product distributor. Bins are equipped with level measuring and indicating sensors and have screw feeders or gravity feeder under neath each bin. All the bins are discharged in weigh hopper mounted on load cells by controlled movement of feeders.
The desired formulation is entered in the electronic controller and each ingredient of a product formula is individually selected. Now screw feeder associated to this ingredient is started. It is operated in two modes- coarse and fine. When coarse weight is achieved, the system switches over to fine mode for accuracy of weight. After weighing of one ingredient ,system switches over to next ingredient and so on. When weight of complete batch is achieved, then weigh hopper outlet gates are opened to discharge into receiving hopper which has a transfer conveyor for feeding to next section for further processing. All or few of bins are provided with bin vibrators or suitable devices to break the jamming of bin while discharging.
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