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Bucket elevators are the most efficient means of vertically elevating most of the materials including grain, pellet and soft ingredients, finished feeds except sticky materials that will not discharge from the buckets.
They consist of mainly three sections namely head, boot and casing.
Single Leg Double Leg

Elevator Head

Head is the top section of an elevator which consists of housing, top pulley, suitable drive mechanism, back stop etc. Our elevators are fitted with
Top pulley which is driving pulley is rubberized to prevent slippage and crowned for self centering.
Adjustable material Deflection plate with deflection tongues of obrasion-resistant rubber.
Supplied with back-stop to prevent reversal of elevator on power failure causing jamming.

Boot is bottom part of an elevator which mainly supports bottom pulley ( which is a driven pulley ) and is movable up-down for adjustment of belt tension. Our elevators boot have following design features:-

Heavy duty all bolted design for easy maintenance.
Accurate belt tensioning mechanism through screw on both sides.
Big size sliding plates provided for cleaning at bottom.
Casing is the middle part between head and boot made of fabricated sections. Casing may be single leg or double leg depending on requirement of design, application and height of elevator.
Boot of Elevator
Inlet Hopper Elevator
It is used for dumping raw materials with flow control gates with rack-pinion anagement.
Big inlet hopper is used for direct dumping of raw ingredients with simple or magnetic grill.
Flow control gates with rack-pinion arrangement at working height.
Large service door provided for easy installation of Belts and Buckets and for checking tension of Belt. Suitable belting of standard Indian make like MRF, Dunlop and buckets in steel or plastic is used.
Services Window
Different drives as per requirement of system can be used such as:
Direct-Coupled geared motor.
Gear motor with chain-sprocket.
Simple motor with combination of V-belts and chain sprockets.
Other Features
Fitted with air bags for pressure-relief.
Inspection window.
Platform at top for maintenance.
Both Pulleys crowned for self centring with top pulley rubberized.
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