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Comparative Advantages and Limitations of different Feed Plants.

An Ideal plant is that which can produce high quality feed in terms of best in grinding texture and accurate mixing in shortest time, with reliable magnetic system to catch iron trash in feed and give consistent production with minimum of maintenance.
All these features, we find in our Standard Mash Feed Plant as mentioned earlier, but we have to select a plant considering other constraints also: like Budget available , feed requirement being very low, available Power load, Availability of space, Roof height etc.

We are giving here under comparative advantages and disadvantages of different plants as a guide line to help you select a suitable machine:
Grind Mix plant with Vertical Mixer
It is compact,low price,low power requirement solution, but mixing is not very good and liquids in feed can not be added.
Magnetic system to catch iron thrash is not good enough.
With the time Mixing, Auger of mixer needs maintenance or replacement.
This system is suitable for very low feed requirement only.
Grind Mix plant with Horizontal Mixer
Grinding and Mixing quality is good as per selection of Machine design.
Screw conveyor in place of Bucket Elevator, are used in this plant, which need maintenance and replacement.
Effective Magnetic system is not there to catch iron thrash going to grinder.
Output is low as compared to Compact Feed plant as we have to shut down grinder by the time mixer is bagged off.
Compact Feed Plant
This is a modified plant which has few of the advantages of Standard Feed Plant like, output is more as compare to Grind Mix plant with same power.
It is a compact unit, need less floor area and height.
Material Conveying is based on screw conveyors which need maintenance and replacement after some time.
Effective magnetic system is not there to catch iron thrash.
Useful for medium scale production.
Standard Feed plant
It is an excellent choice if there is no constraint of space, power available in Feed Mill.
It is highly reliable,maintenance free,highly efficient and value for money solution.
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