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The performance and safety of your machines not only depends on the world class design and workmanship assured by Lark but also on the parts being used in the assembly line.

Even the finest components manufactured need replacement from time to time and to ensure continued impeccable performance of your machines the spare parts should also be of exactly the same quality as the components fitted by us.

To ensure this, we manufacture and procure the replacement parts according to the specifications and standards set by us. Genuine parts enable you to maintain the value of your equipment and extend its life cycle, while enjoying state of the art production levels. It is worthy to mention here that there are two types of spares that we generally require in Feed machines.

These are:-
Machine's Standard Components (assembly parts i.e., Bearings, Pulleys, Shafts, Body etc)
Consumable parts or Wearing parts – These actually perform working on
materials , e.g., hammers,Screens,Mixing Blades,Dies,Roll shell etc

For the safety, long life, reliability and high performance of your machinery, we suggest for using only genuine components and wearing parts.

However wearing parts of some of the machines, like pellet mill dies, are of standard and matching fitting dimensions, so that you can try out parts of other make also.

Reliable service and quick availability of spares are key to keep the wheels moving. We keep sufficient inventory of most of the spares to ensure you prompt service and reduce down time of your equipment. All parts are finished to exact dimensions as per drawings for ready to fit.

We are giving brief details of design features of some of the wearing parts as under
Hammers for hammer mill
Our hammers are made of special high grade alloy steel and then heat treated to have greater wear resistance.
Hammers have sharp cutting edges which increases hammer mill capacity.
Hammers are highly balanced which minimizes vibration level of your machine.
Holes in the hammers are machined to have smooth and parallel sides and have close tolerance with hammer rod which gives greater and full width contact area. This reduces hole elongation in hammers and grooving in rods. We manufacture and supply different shapes and styles of hammers as per customers own specification. For this you have to send us drawing or sample of your hammer.
Single - Edge Hammer
Multi - Edge Hammer
M - Shape Hammer
Screens for Hammer Mill
Tri-angular pitched hole screens have maximum holes per unit area and proper roundness of screen which increase capacity of hammer mill and increase life of screen. Screens for fine grinding to have pre-starter feed for a day old chicks and for millet grinding are available in ready stock. We may supply you screens to meet your specific requirements. All our screens are punched with its code no. for ordering and to avoid any confusion. We have in house perforating machine to supply you screens in minimum time and of assured quality.
        We have following standard sizes of screens for hammer Mills: Hole Size, Pitch, Thickness
Hole size
2.8 4.9 3
3.17 5.25 3
4 6.25 3
4.76 8 3
5.5 8.3 3
6.32 10 3
7.14 11 3
7.93 12 3
10 15 3
17.43 26 3
25 33 3
Rods for Hammers

Hammer mill rods are made of special alloy steel and then heat treated to reduce wear and tear and grooving in the rods. Rods are of uniform diameter and equal length and have proper balance.

Pellet Mill Parts
Dies:- Lark manufactures alloy steel dies for all its pellet mill line. After making extensive research on alloy steel dies, and getting very encouraging results, now we are raring to go ahead in manufacturing stainless steel high chrome dies.

For this a complete new unit is being set up which will have state of the art, CNC Gun drilling facility and vacuum hardening furnace. The unit is expected to start its production from June 2009.
Roll Shell
Lark manufacture and supplies pellet mills rolls in different materials and styles like corrugated open end, corrugated closed end, Helical closed or open end, dimpled etc.
Corrugated Roll shell (Open End) Corrugated Roll Shell (Closed End) Corrugated Roll Shell (Dimple)
Complete Roll Shell Assemblies
Lark manufacture complete assemblies of roll shell as well as parts as per customer demand.
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