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When a material conveying is required over a short distance either horizontally, vertically or at some angle, screw conveyor is the mostly adapted equipment in the industry. It consists of a screwed shaft (Auger) rotating in a pipe for vertical lifting and in a U-shaped trough for horizontal conveying. The screw is mounted on dust protected anti- friction bearings. The screw body is provided with the dump-hopper for intake of materials and an outlet for discharging.

Screw conveyor Cleaning Doors Opened

Horizontal mixer with
Screw Conveyor
Our Screw conveyors have following strong points:
Opening doors are provided through out the length of conveyor body for easy cleaning.
Flight of auger is made of heavy plates to have prolonged life.
Auger is dynamically balanced to have minimum vibration.

Grinder with
Screw Conveyor
Foundation Attachment:

When Screw Conveyor is used for Feeding the Mixer, Lark Engg. has made a big renovation and has attached the screw conveyor on feed mixer hence no foundation is needed. But while using to feed the Grinder, we have to make concrete foundation . For quick removal of screw from foundation for maintenance new foundation attachment has been designed. You can dismantle your from the foundation by unscrewing four bolts only. It reduces the down time for maintenance and your machine can be started quickly.
Model Outside Dia Overall Lenth Suitable for Mixer Suitable for Grinder Power Reqd.
8 (inch)
8 (ft.)
LHM-3, LHM-5
LG-1, LG-2 2 H.P
8 (inch)
10 (ft.)
LG-3, LG-4 2 H.P
10 (inch)
10 (ft.)
LHM-10, LHMR-10
LG-3, FSHM-1015 3 H.P
10 (inch)
12 (ft.)
Compact Feed Plant
FSHM-2040, 1525 3 H.P
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