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At lark designing and testing goes side by side. Weather it’s a new design or design modification, we perform in house or at site testing of equipments.
Testing facility at Lark Engineering Company assists our Product Development Engineers in their effort to create new products or to modify existing ones.All these tests are based on latest internationally recognized methods.

For Design Development following tests are performed on machines
For Mixer
Determination of C.V.
Based on Internationally acknowledged testing methods, this test is performed on mixers for validating mixing efficiency. In this test 25 gm of tracer is added in one ton of feed for one ton mixer, and given specific mixing time. After this samples (casually ten) from different location in mixer are taken and availability of no. of tracer particles in equal weight of 100 gm of feed sample is determined. After feeding the data in computer software, (the obtained values for each sample) Coefficent of variation is determined.
Mixer Testing Mixer Testing
For Hammer Mill
Mean particle size determination
This test is performed to know how much fine or coarse is our feed, after grinding. In this test ground feed sample say 100 gm is passed through a series of Different Mesh Screen from 2 to 40 mesh Wt. of feed retained by each screen is again weighed and by mathematical calculation, mean particle size is obtained.
Particle Size Distribution
This test is very much similar to mean particle size determination test, but how much wt. of material is retained by each screen is analyzed for uniformity of grinding.

For quality assurance of our products, apart from stringent quality checks, following tests are performed
In house Facility
Hardness Testing: It is performed to check hardness of components undergone heat treatment process.
Hardness Testing Dynamicaly Balancing Test Rotating Parts
Hardness Testing Dynamicaly Balancing Test of Rotating Parts
Testing from out side
Material Composition Test.
Ultrasonic testing for critical components.
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