Feed Milling Solutions - Egypt


The poultry industry is one of the main agricultural industries in Egypt. The industry contributes a large part of the country’s supply of animal protein (white meats and eggs). The poultry industry not only supplies animal protein for feeding the human population, but is also linked to other industries such as animal feed, medicine and veterinary inputs.

It is a sector that is growing fast and that presents great opportunities for both small and large operators to build successful businesses. With a growing population and changing consumer trends there is an inherent growth potential for the industry.

For better feeding solutions for even a small farmer; lark introduces small mash feed machines, so that even a small farmer can produce its own feed. We manufacture machines for poultry, cattle and aqua feed in both mash and pellet feed, Pellet Mill Dies for Poultry, Cattle, and aqua & Bio fuels. In recent years we have supplied many projects & feed machines in Africa as mentioned;