Feed Milling Solutions - Malawi


The livestock population in Malawi includes poultry-mostly chicken farming, cattle, goats, pigs and to a smaller extent sheep. The Poultry population has growth to the extent that Malawi has moved from a position of being net importer of poultry products and is exporting into neighboring Countries.

The Malawi Poultry Industry has experienced phenomenal growth in the past 10 year due to mostly policy instruments under industrial and trade policy.

For better feeding solutions for even a small farmer; lark introduces small mash feed machines, so that even a small farmer can produce its own feed. We manufacture machines for poultry, cattle and aqua feed in both mash and pellet feed, Pellet Mill Dies for Poultry, Cattle, and aqua & Bio fuels. In recent years we have supplied many projects & feed machines in Africa as mentioned: