Feed Milling Solutions - Nigeria


The poultry sub-sector is the most commercialized of all of Nigeria’s agricultural sub-sectors. The livestock sector is vital to the socio-economic development of Nigeria. It contributes about 9-10% of agricultural GDP. Consequently, livestock represents an important source of high quality animal protein, providing about 36.5 per cent of the total protein intake of Nigerians. It is one of the highest investments in agriculture.

Poultry production in Nigeria can be classified into extensive and intensive systems based on scale, stock and the extensive production system presently account for about 85%.

For better feeding solutions for even a small farmer; lark introduces small mash feed machines, so that even a small farmer can produce its own feed. We manufacture machines for poultry, cattle and aqua feed in both mash and pellet feed, Pellet Mill Dies for Poultry, Cattle, and aqua & Bio fuels. In recent years we have supplied many projects & feed machines in Africa as mentioned: