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Spare Parts

Spare Parts

The performance and safety of your machines not only depends on the world class design and workmanship assured by Lark but also on the parts being used in the assembly line. Even the finest components manufactured need replacement from time to time and to ensure continued impeccable performance of your machines the spare parts should also be of exactly the same quality as the components fitted by us.

To ensure this, we manufacture and procure the replacement parts according to the specifications and standards set by us. Genuine parts enable you to maintain the value of your equipment and extend its life cycle, while enjoying state of the art production levels.

Wearing parts
Single - Edge Hammer 

Our hammers are made of special high grade alloy steel and then heat treated to have greater wear.

M - Shape Hammerhammers 

Hammers are highly balanced which minimizes vibration level of your machine.

Multi - Edge Hammer

Hammers have sharp cutting edges which increases hammer mill capacity.

Screens For Hammer Mill

Tri-angular pitched hole screens have maximum holes per unit area and proper roundness of screen which increase capacity of hammer mill and increase life of screen.

Roll shell

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