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Mr. Satbir Singh


Feed generally is considered to be the major input for livestock, poultry production and may account for 70-80 percent of total production cost. So, if we can produce high quality feed at most economical way, it will not only cut the cost of production, but also yield high profits. Raw materials are changing, formulations are changing and so are the processes in feed manufacturing.Lark being plant manafacturer is aware of these facts and in our endeavour to provide you solutions to produce hygienic feeds at economical cost,we have come up with new designs.

Lark has always made strides to offer the best, in grinding; we have the patented models that can outperform to give the required texture suitable for pelleting or mash, fine to course at minimum of 40 % power saving.Similarly in mixing, we have patented variable cross-section, double ribbon design that can achieve best of mixing in shortest time.

In pelleting, if we produce high quality pellets with minimum of power, without or minimum recirculating fines, we will save energy not only for our self but for nation too. Lark has designed pellet plants in compact configurations that has saved 50 % structure and required less space, without compromising on safety, and quality.Further to provide our customers the latest in SS Dies for pelleting operations, Lark has established a modern plant which has CNC gundrilling facilities. The project has started production from August 2009.

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