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Project Feasibility Report

Project Feasibility Report

A project feasibility report is complete assessment of project in terms of market study, financial statements, total cost of production, profit –margins, demand & supply etc. A sample project report index is mentioned below. For complete report with statics write to us at
1.Executive Summary
2.Promoters Profile
3.History of Group
4.Overall Promoter’s Assessment
5.Industry & Market  Assessment
6.Poultry/Cattle Market Scenario
7.About Industry
8.Feed Standards & Formulation
9.Demand & Supply
10.Technical Feasibility
11.Scope of Project
12.Location & Site
13.Technology & Process
14.Project Cost
16.Site Development
18.Plant & Machinery
19.Fixed assets
21.Government Approvals
22.Water Supply / Drainage
23.Means of Finance
24.Break-even Analyses
25.Key Points

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