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Feed Manufacturing Cost

Feed Manufacturing Cost

Pellet feed production cost (INR)

Total Cost = Raw Material Cost+ Processing Cost+ Packing Cost+ Overhead Cost

Raw material cost
Raw MaterialPercentage Market price(Approx)Effective price(INR )
MAIZE55-60 %14.5 Rs/ Kg8
SOYA25-30%34 Rs/ Kg8.5
DCP1-2 %16-20 Rs/ Kg0.4
MUSTARD1%19 Rs/ Kg0.19
MBM1-2 %28 Rs/ Kg0.56
MEDICINES(PREMIX ADDITIVES) +Oil2-4 % + 2-4 % 200 Rs/ Kg6
TOTAL COST23.67 Rs/ Kg.
Raw material cost: Approx . 23-24  Rs / Kg.

Processing cost

Boiler fuel25 kg/ ton150 Rs/ Ton
Electricity + Fixed Charges25 units/ ton~ 250 Rs/Ton
Labour150-200 Rs/ Ton
Overhead charges + depreciation + maintenance250-400 Rs/ Ton
Total processing cost800-900 Rs / Ton
Total processing cost: 1 Rs / Kg

Packing Cost

Bag Cost: 15-20 Rs. ( PT High Quality Bag )

Packing Cost per Kg  : 0.5 Rs/ Kg

Total Cost Of Production =  Raw Material Cost+ Processing Cost+ Packing Cost  

Total Cost Of Production= Rs. 23+Rs. 1 + Rs. 0.5 = Rs. 24.5

Selling Price= Rs . 32- 15-20 % Discount ( Dealer )  = Rs. 27

Profit= Selling Price- Cost Of Production = 27 – 24.5 = Rs. 2.5 / Kg( Inr ) ( Approximate )

The above calculation is based on data collected from our existing customers and internet sources ( as per Indian Standards ) . The actual results may vary from the details mentioned above.

The above information is based on data collected from our existing customers & internet sources and is only for your reference. As expertise in feed mill engineering only, lark engineering will not be responsible for any type of ccur due to above stated information.

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