Feed Milling Solutions - Sudan


The Broiler segment in South Sudan has continuously grown and is currently Expanding Year On year. In Sudan, chicken meat and products is highly demanded and is growing rapidly due to lack of religious associations. All this provides great potential for success and growth in the poultry industry in the country.

The integrated / contract farming model is gaining significant amount of popularity and acceptance among poultry farmers. This model protects and retains the interests of both the farmer and the integrator. The popularity of this model is influenced by the fact that the integrator takes most of the risks as opposed to an independent farmer. The integrator takes full responsibility of providing day old chicks, feed, medicines and supervision to the farmers. In addition, the integrator brings Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), and technical know-how which leads to higher productivity.

For better feeding solutions for even a small farmer; lark introduces small mash feed machines, so that even a small farmer can produce its own feed. We manufacture machines for poultry, cattle and aqua feed in both mash and pellet feed. In recent years we have supplied many projects & feed machines in Africa as mentioned: