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Full Screen Hammer Mill

Full Screen Hammer Mill

Full Screen Hammer Mill

As its name implies, Full screen hammer mill have 80 % screening area as compared to 50 % in half screen hammer mill. This machine is solution to many fine or coarse grinding problems that we usually face. In grinding chamber gap between tip and screen is very important for efficiency as well as quality of grinding, our hammer mill having the gap adjustment facility to be fit for fine or coarse grinding. Also our hammer mill has so many other features that make it an ultimate choice :

  • Rotor is designed to rotate on both the sides so that when hammer is one side worn out, only by changing direction of rotation, second edge of hammer is used. This reduces time of changing hammers. Also hammer mill rotor is dynamically balanced to minimize vibration.
  • For changing of bearings etc. rotor can be disassembled from hammer mill body easily and quickly without removing any of machines over hammer mill.
  • For efficient power supply motor is installed on common base frame and is directly connected to hammer mill through flexible coupling.

  • Hammers and hammer rods of hammer mill are heat treated for resistance to wear and are highly balanced for vibration free performance.
  • Hammer mill screens are having maximum holes per unit area to have more output and life of screen.

  • Optimum screening area per unit power for efficient grinding, screen changing is very quick and easy without use of any tools.

Technical specifications:   

Model FSHMCapacity Kgs/Hr. Maize GrindingCapacity Kgs/Hr.Mixed feed GrindingCapacity Kgs/Hr.Power (H.P.)
Starter 4mmGrower 5mm Finisher 6mm  Starter 4mmGrower 5mmFinisher 6mmMillet grinding
1015180032004000250040005500180010 -15
1525250038004800320045006800260015 - 25
20404500650090006500850011000450020 -40
3075600085001300080001000013000800030 - 75
50120 85001050012000120014000160001000050 - 120

Our patented QGA - technology

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Inventing this technology is one more feather to our cap and a total grinding solution for all types of grinding. "Quick-Gap-Adjustment" QGA, as its name implies this technology is a boon for grinding different sizes of products as fine/ Medium/ coarse by quick change of gap between hammer tip and screen, thus creating ideal parameters for optimum grinding of product.

Grinding different sizes of product (fine/ medium/ coarse):

In poultry feed, we need different particle size of feed referred to as fine or coarse to feed a day old chicks to full age broiler/ chicken. For optimum grinding we need different parameters for fine grinding or coarse grinding. In simple hammer mills, the required particle size is obtained by changing the hole size of screens while the other parameter of hammer mill such as tip speed of hammer mill, gap between hammer tip to screen, remain same.

In modern hammer mills, to obtain coarse/fine grinding following step are taken:
  • Screen of smaller hole for fine and bigger hole for coarse feed is used.
  • Speed of motor can be changed by fitting a VFD (Variable frequency drive) or dual speed motor or D.C. motor.
  • Gap adjustment between hammer tip to screen is varied by changing the position of hammers on different PCD on circular plates of rotor.
Model FSHM QGADimensions in mmApprox. Weight in kg.Vol. Seaworthy packing Cu.m.
1015642 197.5827.5--235---1000750--1110222160172.52301.5

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