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How To Select A Suitable Design

How To Select A Suitable Design

How To Select A Suitable Design

Comparison of hammer mills 

We are giving hereunder a general comparison of our different designs of hammer mill, however you are requested to contact us with your requirements. Our technical experts will be pleased to suggest you the most appropriate solution.

DesignInitial CostSuitable for GrindingQuality of GrindingPower Consumption per Ton of GrindingProvision for Gap Adjustment between Screen and Hammer TipSelection Criteria
Half Screen Hammer MillLowCoarse onlyGood for coarse GrindingHighNoLow cost grinding solution ,average efficiency, suitable for low capacity Coarse Grinding only
Full Screen Hammer MillMediumCoarse and Fine BothGood if Gap is AdjustedLowYesExcellent choice for a particular feed, say coarse or Fine, Good efficiency if Frequent changing is not required
Full Screen QGA Hammer MillA bit highCoarse and Fine BothUniform grindingVery lowYes(Easy Gap adjustment for uniform grinding)Excellent choice for making feed of various size – Coarse,medium and fine,no time loss in changing of gap for coarse,medium and fine,Excellent texture,Uniform Grinding.

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