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Comparison Of Different Mixer Design

Comparison Of Different Mixer Design

Comparison Of Different Mixer Design

Mixer Testing-

We are giving hereunder a general comparison of our different designs of MIXER, however you are requested to contact us with your requirements. Our technical experts will be pleased to suggest you the most appropriate solution.

DesignMixing quality per unit timePower consumption per Ton mixingPower load RequiredLiquid AdditionInitial costRecommended
Vertical mixerNot goodCV > 10%HighLowNot recommendedLowFor less space, low load, low budget requirements
Plough/ paddle type horizontal mixerGoodCV 10%FairMediumCan mix small %ageMediumFor good mixing
Double ribbon horizontal mixerExcellentCV 7%LowMediumCan mix good %ageMediumFor very good mixing requirement
Double shaft paddle mixerVery Excellent CV 7%Very LowHighCan mix higher %ageVery highFor good mixing in short time, High Production requirements.

Note: The comparison given above is for designs available of our own make MIXERS with our own design parameters and is in general based on commonly used ingredients only

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