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Medicine Mixer

Medicine Mixer

Medicine Mixer

As its name indicates Pre - Mixer is a mixer used prior to main mixer for pre-mixing. We add certain micro-ingredients (Minerals, Vitamins & Nutrients) in feed whose percentage is very low, e.g., 150 gm. in 1000 kgs. If added directly in feed mixer, it may not be dispersed homogeneously in whole batch. By installation of Pre-mixer, we first dilute these micro ingredients in 10kgs, 20kgs Or 30 kgs of any of feed ingredients i.e. Rice polish, DRB or Maize etc.

After pre-mixing, when this pre-mixed feed ingredients are added to feed mixer, these get homogenized and very accurate results are achieved. Various designs of pre-mixers are available.

Single shaft paddle medicine mixer 

In Single Shaft Paddle mixers, small paddles as shown are mounted on a shaft with the help of arms. The mixing paddles are arranged in a manner that when rotate, these push the ingredients from both sides. All parts coming in contact with ingredients say shaft, paddle, Drum, Cover etc. are made up of SS 304 or SS 316 grade of stainless steel.


Mixing Time: It takes 10 - 12 minutes to completely mix the batch.

Discharging: For MM-25 model, tilting mechanism for discharge the mixer into collection tank.

For MM-50 and MM-100 model, discharge gate at centre of drum with rack - pinion arrangement is given.

Technical specifications: 
ModelDrum VolumeWorking VolumeCapacityTrace Mineral Per Batch
MM-253.2 Cubic ft.2 Cubic ft.30 kgs.50 kgs.
MM-5003.2 Cubic ft.35Cubic ft.50 kgs.100 kgs.
MM-1009 Cubic ft.5Cubic ft.100 kgs.150 kgs.
Double shaft paddle medicine mixerImage not load

Homogeneous mixing of different ingredients irrespective of density, shape and size of ingredients in shortest time (CV< 5% is easily achievable within 30 Sec. to 180 sec).

Due to large particle movement in Fluidized Zone and a relatively low speed counter rotating shafts very low friction and shear forces are generated, hence heating as well as mechanical abrasion on product is greatly avoided which make it suitable for even for fragile products

Power consumption per ton of the product mixed is very low. Similarly with negligible wear and tear, maintenance and running cost is also very low.

Double shaft paddle medicine mixer 
Model Batch Capacity Power in H.P
DSPM -60 60 2.1 3
DSPM -120 120 3.5 5
DSPM -150 150 5.3 5
DSPM -200 200 7.1 5

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