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1 - 1.5 TPH Mash Feed Plant

1 - 1.5 TPH Mash Feed Plant

1 - 1.5 TPH Mash Feed Plant

The setting of this plant is such that you put the ingredients after weighing to the grinder and get the mixed feed from outlet to mixer.Furthermore, you can also use your grinder separately after removing the connecting pipe in one minute. Screw conveyor is clamped with mixer body, hence no foundation for conveyor is needed. In this plant, we have two options to process our feed, one is post weighing feed ingredients before grinding, second is weighing after grinding.

In first option, feed ingredients are weighed to the required ratio to make one batch as per capacity of feed mixer and fed to the intake hopper of the first Screw Conveyor, which lifts the material and feed the grinder. Ground ingredients coming out of grinder are directly taken to the second screw conveyor with the help of connecting pipe. Second screw conveyor lifts the material and dump into feed mixer. When all the feed ingredients has reached into the mixer and micro ingredients have been added directly into mixer, final mixing time is given, During mixing and bagging, grinder and both Screw Conveyors remains shut. When mixing is complete mix feed is filled into bags.

In second option, we first grind separately all the feed ingredients without weighing, then ground ingredient are weighed to the right proportion and are fed to the Screw Conveyor of mixer. Micro ingredient is put directly into horizontal feed mixer and after mixing is complete, mixer is emptied by bagging.


Depending on individual requirement , different combination of half screen or full screen hammer mill with paddle type or ribbon type mixer can be made with suitable screw conveyers.

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Dimensions withABCDE
LHM-3 & LG-1, LG-28 ft.16 ft.7 ft.9 ft.2 ft.
LCFP-10LHM-5, LHMR-5 & LG-2, LG-39 ft.16 ft.7 ft.9 ft.2 ft.
LHM-10, LHMR-10 & LG-3, FSHM-1015, FSHM-1525, FSHM-204010 ft.17 ft.9 ft.9 ft.2 ft.

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