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2-3 TPH Mash Feed Plant

2-3 TPH Mash Feed Plant

2-3 TPH Mash Feed Plant

This plant has been designed for farmers and feed mill owners who are having low height of their existing feed mill and want to get more output. This plant can be installed in height of 15 ft. of feed mill for 1000 kgs/batch mixer.

In Grind Mix Plant with Horizontal Mixer, we have to shut down the grinder and screw conveyor for the time of mixing and discharging of mixer.

In this plant, a storage tank is given over feed mixer which keep on storing one batch of ground material coming out of grinder with the help of second screw conveyor.

When mixer is discharged, next batch of ground ingredients is quickly taken into it from batch bin.

ModelCapacity/ BatchGrinder in PlantMixer in PlantScrew Conveyor in PlantHeight of Roof RequiredOutput / hourPower
LCFP-59 ft.13 ft.12 ft. 9 ft.2 ft.1500 Kg 12 H.P.
LCFP-1010 ft.14 ft.14 ft.9 ft.2 ft.3000 Kg28 H.P.

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Dimensions withABCDE
LCFP-59 ft.13 ft.12 ft.9 ft.2 ft.
LCFP-1010 ft.14 ft.14 ft.9 ft.2 ft.

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