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Dairy Farming and Cattle Feed Machines


The dairy industry plays an important role in the socio-economic development of India. The dairy industry in India is instrumental in providing cheap nutritional food to the vast population of India and also generates huge employment opportunities for people in rural places.

India is blessed with a huge resource of livestock wealth. In fact, India has the largest population of cattle and buffalo in the world and ranks number one in milk production in the world. While world milk production during 2017 stood at 849 MMT (million metric tonnes) or 232 crore liters per day, India alone accounted for almost 20%.

In the dairy business, feed costs typically represent 40 to 50% of the costs of producing milk, making feed costs the largest cost category. In recent years, feed costs have represented more than 60% of the cost of producing milk when corn and soybean meal prices have been high. The next highest relative costs are labor and interest at 10 to 20% of the total cost.

So, if we can produce high-quality feed in the most economical way, it will not only cut the cost of production but also yield high profits. Raw materials are changing, formulations are changing and so are the processes in feed manufacturing. Lark being plant manufacturer is aware of these facts and in our endeavor to provide you solutions to produce hygienic feeds at economical cost; we have come up with new designs.

Lark Engineering has always made strides to offer the best, in grinding; we have the patented models that can outperform to give the required texture suitable for pelleting or mash, fine to the course at a minimum of 40 % power saving. Similarly in mixing, we have patented variable cross-section, double ribbon design that can achieve the best of mixing in the shortest time.

In pelleting, if we produce high-quality pellets with the minimum of power, without or minimum recirculating fines, we will save energy not only for ourselves but for the nation too. Lark has designed pellet plants in compact configurations that have saved 50 % structure and required less space, without compromising on safety, and quality.

Even for small farmers, we have a wide range of feed mills for producing cattle feed ranging from 300 kg/ hour to 30 ton/hour production capacity. We supplied many cattle feed mills all over India & abroad. Few of them are as mentioned:

NDRI Karnal – Cattle feed machines, Punjab State Animal Husbandry – 5 TPH Cattle Feed Mill, Nepal Dairy Development Corporation - 5 TPH Cattle Feed Mill, NDDB Anand Gujarat – Cattle Feed machines and TMR Fodder Molasses Mixer, Navsari Agriculture University - Cattle feed machines, Kerala State Veterinary College - 5 TPH Cattle Feed Mill, Sahara India Karnal - 5 TPH Cattle Feed Mill, KNP Veterinary College Satara - Cattle feed machines.

The above information is based on data collected from our existing customers & internet sources and is only for your reference. As expertise in feed mill engineering only, Lark Engineering will not be responsible for any type of loss occur due to the above-stated information.

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