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Rice Fortification Project


Rice is a rich source of macro and micronutrients. During rice milling, the fat and micronutrient-rich bran layers are removed to produce the commonly consumed starch-rich white rice. White rice is the number one staple food in the rice countries of the southeast and northeast Asia, one of the most densely populated regions in the world. Of the world’s rice production, 90% is grown and consumed in Asia. On average, 30% of calories come from rice and this can increase to more than 70% in some low-income countries. In most languages of these regions, the words for rice and food are synonymous. It should be noted that rice is also an important staple food in several African countries and the Americas.

In recent years, rice fortification technology has evolved. As a result, rice fortification at scale is gaining momentum as a feasible and cost-effective strategy to address micronutrient deficiencies. To date, about 15 countries have introduced rice fortification on either a mandatory or a voluntary basis, embedded in social safety nets, or at a limited scale through trials.

Fortification of rice needs precision mixing; for this, we have specially designed “DOUBLE SHAFT PADDLE MIXER”.  This is a new generation mixing technology patented by the Norwegian inventor Halvor Forberg and is also popularly known as the Forberg fluidized zone mixer with demanding precision Mixing and to provide homogeneous mixtures of physically adverse particles incorporated at various level in the mix.

This machine is based on a weightless zone or fluidized zone mixing technology with many modifications at Lark Engineering. In this machine, two shafts are positioned in a double drum housing on which series of blades are fixed. The two shafts rotate at a specific peripheral speed in the opposite direction while paddles on each shaft overlap in the middle of the mixing drum. This lift all the ingredients in the middle and creates a fluidized zone by neutralizing gravitational forces working on particles of different ingredients having different shapes, sizes & density. Hence, a very homogeneous product is received. The next step is to discharge the highly homogenized material from the mixer without segregation. For this, the material is discharged very quickly with the help of two pneumatically operated large bottom discharge doors. The filling level is another feature of this mixer, as it can work equally well with 40% overfilling and 60% underfilling of its nominal filling level. The nominal filling level is the level up to the shaft of the mixer.

For liquid addition, the material should be filled at least 120% level when pin-mill or FDB is used.

Homogeneous mixing between RICE and FRK can be achieved up to 1:100, 1:200 and even up to 1:2000 with negligible rice breakage and dust formation. In collaboration with the Government of Bhutan and the World Food Programme committee, we recently designed a complete project for Rice Fortification of 5 MT/HR. The project is fully automatic with PLC Controlled auto batching and auto-bagging.

We have a wide range of projects as per the customer need starting from 1 TPH to 25 TPH for Rice Fortification.

Here are some details of the in house successful trial of Mixing of Standard Rice with Fortified Rice in the presence of Bhutan Government officials & world food program committee representative;

Double shaft Paddle MixerDouble-shaft-Paddle-Mixer

Food Grade Color in 1 kg of riceFood-Grade-Color-in-1-kg-of-rice

Colored Rice – Approx. 1 KGColored-Rice-Approx-1-KG

100 kg rice in Double Shaft Paddle Mixer100-kg-rice-in-Double-Shaft-Paddle-Mixer

1 kg. Colored Rice – Addition1-kg-Colored-Rice-Addition1-kg-Colored-Rice-Addition

After 2 secondsAfter-2-seconds

After 3 secondsAfter-3-seconds

After 5 secondsAfter-5-seconds

After 7 secondsAfter-7-seconds

Homogeneous Dispersion within 7 secondsHomogeneous-Dispersion-within-7-seconds

The above information is based on data collected from our existing customers & internet sources and is only for your reference. As expertise in feed mill engineering only, Lark Engineering will not be responsible for any type of loss occur due to the above stated information.

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